The Benefits of Taking Family Photos During The Holidays | Christmas Galleries

December 12, 2022

Happy holidays lovelies! We all know that Christmas is about joy, love, and making memories that will last a lifetime – Christmas minis are just that. Taking family portraits is the perfect opportunity to enhance those memories and reminisce the previous seasons of your life. In the spirit of the Christmas season, I want to shed light on the importance of taking family photos with your loved ones. By doing so, I hope you will cherish the photos you have just as much as I cherished capturing them!

Benefit 1: They form a collection of memories.

It gives me great joy to see my wonderful family and friends, catching up, and reminiscing on the past year. The same can be said about my clients. They are apart my family and when I get to capture them, it is like capturing a piece of my heart. 90% of my clients are the ones who continue to have their photos taken by me every year. It is truly an honour watching families book sessions over the course of five years or more. Each year, I get to witness their kiddo(s) grow into the beautiful, little souls they choose to become. For me, it’s capturing a linear timeline of your beautiful family story. Looking back, after years of taking photos with your family, you will be able to witness the same. Be grateful for the time you spent taking pictures with your loved ones. Soon, it will become a beautiful collection of memories that bring you warmth, comfort, and pure joy to your heart.

Benefit 2: They bring beauty to the chaos.

We can all agree on one thing: life gets in the way and it becomes stressful, busy, and overwhelming at times! As a parent, it is so special when you get a chance to just be present, be with my little one(s), and spend quality with them. During those moments, when we are free from worry and judgement, it gives us a chance to let go and be in the “now.” Viewing the photos I take with my family it reminds me of that. There is so much emotion and beauty in our photos. Life may be chaotic, but there is beauty in the chaos, in the calmness, and just being US. When you get your gallery, my hope and goal is that it gives you time to look back on those fleeting moments that bring you to a place of such beauty and ones that make your heart skip a beat.

Benefit 3: They resemble each family in a number of ways.

While the set is the same, not a single moment is and each one brings us all of the feels and a variety of emotions. Pictures are not meant to be perfect. They are meant to make memories that resemble you and your family. It could resemble tickle fights, laughter, a warm embrace, tears, stillness, snuggling, or anything in between. By taking photos this holiday season, your photos can resemble the joy of the season that you are in. Christmas is a time of laughter and cheer. Don’t miss out on the chance to capture that!

Benefit 4: They help us remember the good times.

When you smell cookies coming out of the oven, that moment suddenly becomes nostalgic and you remember baking cookies at your grandma’s house. Similar to those moments that we experience, photos can take us back to a beautiful time in our life. There is something so magical in the way photos can help us distinctly remember each moment and it takes us back to a happy place and state of mind. You can look at a photo and remember that exact moment – where you were, what you were doing or talking about, and the way you felt when you were looking down at your child, kissing your loved one, or laughing at a joke that your friend whispered in your ear. Soon, it strikes up heartfelt conversations and it leaves you reminiscing for hours on end.

Benefit 5: It ignites a spark of creativity in photographers.

Seeing the happiness my photos bring to families is why I do what I do. I have always been a creative. Growing up, my dad and I would design and create little sets like Christmas minis. It would ignite a spark of creativity inside of me. After the hustle and bustle of wedding season, I can finally slow down and experience the joys of the Christmas season. This gives me the chance to use a different part of my creativity and evoke all of the nostalgic vibes. While I may shoot with a different light, I always shoot with an open heart and I choose to bring love into my photo sessions so families can feel right at home.

Benefit 6: They can be printed!

While photos are meant to be taken and kept forever, pictures are also meant to be printed. Pictures are so much more meaningful when they are displayed on your wall or printed in a photo album. If you are a KCP family member who has booked a session with me, please take advantage of my 25% discount. This offer is good for all printed photos and wall art. It is valid through January 15, 2023, or while supplies last. Use my code KCPXMAS2022 to get your 25% off your next order so you can experience the joyful feeling of having your photos right in front of you.

Do not miss out on this time to take memorable photos with your children and loved ones. You will look back on the beautiful moments you shared with your family and know that it was worth it.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!!!!

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